/PCB leans on Inzamam to break central contract deadlock

PCB leans on Inzamam to break central contract deadlock

A major dispute surrounding the central contracts appears to be on the verge of a resolution. According to inside sources, Chief Selector Inzamam-ul-Haq has engaged in discussions with Chairman of the PCB Management Committee, Zaka Ashraf, addressing the matter with optimism that a solution could be reached within the next two days.

Ashraf has entrusted Inzamam with the authority to negotiate with the players. Notably, these cricketers share the same agent as Inzamam, which might work in his favor when it comes to persuading them.

The crux of the issue lies in the players’ demand for a portion of the revenue received by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and sponsors. This practice does not currently exist in Pakistan, and implementing it swiftly could prove challenging.

Initially, the board offered Category A players a monthly salary of 45 lakh per month, but they expressed dissatisfaction, citing significant tax deductions. It is believed that the board is considering further increases in salaries.

Over the past four months, cricketers have not received any payments in terms of monthly retainers or match fees from the PCB. The board is now actively working on making these payments as soon as possible.

While the players have thus far maintained a silent protest without taking any visible actions to demonstrate their discontent, they are now contemplating a boycott of sponsor-related activities and potential refusal to participate in promotional events during the upcoming World Cup. However, Inzamam appears determined to prevent the situation from escalating to that extent.

The players also want to resolve the issue themselves, but some officials are allegedly playing a “double game,” advising certain players not to enter into any agreements due to uncertainty regarding the tenure of the current Chairman of the Management Committee.

When contacted for comments on the central contract issue, a PCB official hinted at the possibility of positive news regarding the contracts emerging by Monday or Tuesday. The official also emphasized that the players need to display a more flexible approach to address the matter successfully.

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