/Kourtney Kardashian calls Kim ‘witch’ as feud broils on ‘The Kardashians’ season 4

Kourtney Kardashian calls Kim ‘witch’ as feud broils on ‘The Kardashians’ season 4

Feuding sisters Kim and Kourtney are still going at it in The Kardashians season 4
Feuding sisters Kim and Kourtney are ‘still going at it’ in ‘The Kardashians’ season 4 

The explosive trailer for season 4 of The Kardashians unveils Kim and Kourtney’s still struggling relationship, as the sisters have a row at phone.

During the phone call, Kourtney, 44, is shown in tears while speaking with Kim, 42, on the phone, telling her that she hates her.

“Are you happy? You’re a different person. You hate us, and we all talk about it,” an angry Kim says to Kourtney.

Kim acknowledges that both she and Kourtney are getting “riled up” over various issues, which is adding strain to their relationship.

Kourtney, in tears, tells Kim, “You’re just a witch, and I hate you.” 

This latest development in their relationship comes three years after the sisters engaged in a physical altercation following Kim’s criticism of Kourtney’s work ethic.

Kris Jenner, 67, is seen in shock when Khloe, 39, informs her that Kim and Kourtney are “still going at it.”

The two eldest Kardashian sisters had a previous falling out over Kim’s Dolce & Gabbana partnership, and Kourtney accused Kim of exploiting her wedding to Travis Barker, 47, as a “business opportunity.”

The Poosh founder, who is currently expecting her fourth child and recently underwent emergency fetal surgery, admits in the trailer that the previous season had been extremely challenging for her. She says, “I don’t feel understood,” while also opening up about her pregnancy.

The fourth season of The Kardashians is set to premiere on September 28 on Hulu, with new episodes releasing every Thursday.

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